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Bronwyn, 16 almost 17, I suffer from a lot of things which you will see on my blog. If you want to ask my anything, or want to know about me, need advice, please ask me at anytime. I will not judge you for any problems you have, or need help with. I WILL IGNORE AND REPORT ANY RUDE, NASTY, DEGRADING, DISRESPECTFUL ASKS. Anyways, I thought I would just make that one clear. This blog is a bunch of stuff to help people relate to what they're feeling. Funny, sad, depressing, you name it its probably here. Follow me, I will follow you back! It may take me some time, but I promise I will follow you back eventually. thank you so much for reading this, have a nice day stay strong <3

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Dear Dad,
You told me I was being stupid,
When mum told you I was cutting myself,
You told me you were disappointed in me,
That you were ashamed of what I had become

Dear Dad,
You will never know,
What it feels like
to want to cut your skin open,
To see blood,
To feel something, anything

Dear Dad,
Your words replay in my head,
Day after day,
Night after night,
Over and over

Dear Dad,
Yes, the bruises may be gone,
But the memories will always remain,
The strength of your hands,
The look in your eyes,
Will never be forgotten

Dear Dad,
Nothing I can ever say or do,
Will ever make you feel
the way you made me feel

Dear Dad,
I hate you.

Posted by Anonymous. (via survivorssharingsecrets)

The thing about emotional abuse is that you don’t know it’s happening until it’s too late.

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How dare you make it seem like you’re the victim, how dare you make me seem like the bad person when you’re the reason I had tears streaming down my face and blood running down my arms. your twisted mind tore me apart but I’m the one that had to apologise


When you stop and think about it, life is pretty amazing, you don’t need to be the richest person on the planet or have the fanciest car, you just need to be around people who bring out the best in you, who make you laugh when you need it and who love you just as much as you love them. 

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